Coastal Mississippi announces ‘attraction passes’

Tourism took a hard hit this summer after the toxic algae bloom closed Sound waters.

Now, with most waters open again, things for Coast tourism are looking up and Coastal Mississippi has been doing everything in their power to help with this.

With this in mind, they have unveiled a new attraction pass. This pass includes admission to eight attractions along the Coast including the Biloxi Lighthouse, Walter Anderson Museum of Art, Pascagoula River Audubon Center, and more.

This pass came as an idea to show off what the Coast has to offer other than the beaches. The passes are $45 with an $80 value. They also don’t expire. Coastal Mississippi CEO Milton Segarra said, “It’s a fact we had a very difficult summer because of the water intrusion situation, but the good thing is that this is a beautiful destination and we are very diverse in terms of what we have to offer. And even though we were supporting all of our beach vendors and all of the water related facilities, the fact of the matter is that we have a lot to offer the rest of the world and show our visitors what the Coast has to see.”

Coastal Mississippi is also hosting a customer advisory board comprised of 13 hospitality industry leaders today.

They will be showing off the new attraction pass effort along with gaining feedback from these professionals on how we can gain more traffic to our Coast.

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