Coastal harbors begin storm preps

There were sunny skies and calm water at many Coast harbors this afternoon, but boat owners and officials spent the day making preparations for possible tropical activity.

From Biloxi to Long Beach and beyond, boat owners are preparing their vessels for more tropical activity.

Over at the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor, Kenny Hebert is busy putting together all the essentials on his vessel for a third trip to his hurricane hole this storm season. “You’ve got to bring the extra lines and some snacks to eat while you’re over there.”

Once again, boat owners and harbor officials across the Coast are making arrangements to secure their property as Zeta makes its way through the Gulf, a pattern that’s been repeated multiple times over the past few months. Long Beach Harbormaster William Angley said, “We’ve had vessels moving out since Saturday morning, some of them haven’t come back from previous storms, they just decided to wait out the rest of the hurricane season, especially after the third evacuation.”

Despite the frustration of yet another storm, owners say heeding warnings from authorities and securing their property is just one of the things that comes with owning a vessel. Boat owner Donnie Hudson said, “They’re doing what they think is the best and safest cause you never know with the hurricanes.”

“You want to be a boat owner, you’ve got to pay the price. That’s part of the price.”

As harbor officials and emergency management leaders continue their communication as the storm nears, Angley encourages boaters at facilities to have a game plan for their property. “Just have your plans in place. Remember we still do not have fuel from the previous storm and make preparations accordingly and please, just be safe.”

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