Coastal Family Health Center gives COVID-19 vaccines on the go

The Coastal Family Health Center rolled its new mobile vaccine unit out to the Kroc Center today to give out free COVID vaccines and COVID tests.

The center has been using mobile unit sites since the beginning of the year, but have just began utilizing their new bus this month.

The team offers both the Moderna and J&J vaccines in the mobile unit. The team sets up these mobile sites about four times a week at various locations.

Upcoming locations and dates for the mobile vaccine unit include the MGCCC Harrison County campus tomorrow and the Ocean Springs Civic Center on Thursday. Outreach Programs Manager Michelle Sperre said, “Well, there’s always going to be a need. When we’re able to be mobile, we can bring it right into the communities that aren’t maybe able to access the different clinics or pharmacies that have the vaccines or tests available. So, it’s just really bringing it to the areas where we can give the most need.”

To schedule an appointment for the mobile unit, call 888-363-8701. Walk-ups are available as well.

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