Coast residents eager for crawfish season to begin

The expensive price of crawfish today will soon change the closer we get to spring 2021.

On the Coast, residents are starting to look for crawfish earlier than usual. Starting back in December, fisherman Jerry Forte was getting requests from locals looking to fill their crawfish craving.

Last year’s crawfish season was the longest the fisherman had seen in a long time. The pandemic kept prices low and residents wanting more.

This year, you can bet on crawfish prices dropping soon after the Super Bowl. Forte said, “For a long time it was a really low price. So, I know it definitely affected it last year but as far as this year I’m not sure how it’s gonna affect it just yet, cause it’s just starting out. Normal other than them starting early this year. I’ve never really remembered seeing many crawfish in the month of December but we definitely saw a few.”

You can get bags of fresh crawfish at Pass Christian Harbor just ask for Jerry Forte Seafood.

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