Coast parents react to ‘Momo Challenge’

It’s been shared on social media by parents across the nation with warnings of the ‘Momo Challenge’ which is something that could lead to serious harm for your child. We want to warn you, some images in this story may be disturbing to some.

‘The Momo Challenge’ has put parents in a frenzy on social media. Gulfport parent Dana Kluckzkowski said, “I got scared myself. I can only imagine how a child would feel seeing something like that.”

Dana says her three-year-old son was watching ‘Peppa Pig’ on Youtube Kids when the horrific Momo character popped up telling her son to harm himself. “He started to cry and I look down at my phone and there is this scary face. I didn’t expect to see it, not on a kid’s app. So, I hope parents stay more observant of what is going on with their children.”

Momo warnings have been shared on Facebook by parents across the country including Brian Lamar, another Coast parent, who says his children haven’t experience Momo first hand, but his six-year-old son was watching a harmless video that had a spliced section that said, “left or right if you want attention, up and down if it’s for real.”

“I share it just as a reminder so parents can know that there are things out there that they should be paying attention to. We all get busy and we all forget an aspect of our lives. We will ignore something and that is an easy thing to ignore. If your kid is on their iPad or you know whatever device he has, you know it is easy to forget that there are people out there that will find ways to get a hold of younger audiences with malicious intent.”

What may be the scariest part is this sort of activity is completely legal in Mississippi. Chief Investigator of Cyber Crime Division of Mississippi Attorney General’s Office Jay Houston said, “We have found no statute in the state of Mississippi that says that this material that they are doing is illegal. It is absolutely grotesque. It is completely unacceptable, but the parents are going to have to be the ones who basically find this material and talk to their kids about it.”

In spite of all the turmoil Momo has created, the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office says it has already made parents become more precautious with what their child is watching. “More than anything if there was a positive thing from this Momo challenge is the fact that kids are now starting to pay attention more than ever. If you see something like this on Youtube Kids and it contains a message like this you know immediately report it to Youtube so that way they can at least take it down.”

‘The Momo Challenge’ has been linked to the death of a girl in Argentina, but none here in the United States.

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