Coast Organization Raising Money for Funeral of Homeless Vet

A Gulf Coast veteran recently passed away with no money to his name, but one man is stepping in to ensure the vet will still receive a dignified funeral. U.S. Army veteran, Oscar Davis, passed away November 29th, leaving behind few worldly possessions, but many friends.

Later in his life on the Gulf Coast, Davis had fallen on hard times and found himself homeless. That’s when Operation Homeless Hope reached out a helping hand. Jamie Bates of Operation Homeless Hope says, "We became involved with Oscar Davis in the woods in Gulfport. He was homeless for a number of years and needed our help. He would let us know when he needed food, a tent, sleeping bags, and that sort of thing."

Just over a year ago, the Biloxi VA was able to step in and get Davis into transitional housing. In a VA sponsored apartment, Davis lived out his final days, described by those around him as someone always willing to help others, and his spirit led others to want to give back. Bates also says, "There were a number of people who would collect food items to stock his pantry. There was a family who pooled their financial resources, including the kids’ money that they had earned for good grades, and they bought him a new bicycle."

Bates is now working with the Bradford O’Keefe Funeral Home to reduce costs, but he is raising money to cover the remaining needed funds. A locally founded organization, BeeABacker, uses crowd sourcing to raise money for causes like Davis’ funeral. They have generously waived all fees so every dollar donated can go straight to Davis’ burial costs. Narissa Behrens of BeeABacker Gulf Coast says, "We want to support them a hundred percent, and with this being a massive military community and tons of veterans, whatever we can do to help them is only the best thing and the most heartwarming thing that we can possibly do."

Davis’ son is now serving in the U.S. Navy and hopes to come see his father’s funeral later this month at the Biloxi National Cemetery. If you would like to donate to Davis’ burial costs, go to his Bee-A-Backer website at

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