Coast native David Ishee’s investiture ceremony

From city court to state justice, officials are celebrating Gulf Coast native David Ishee’s appointment into the Mississippi Supreme Court. A ceremony officially welcoming Justice Ishee into this new honorary position was held in Long Beach today.
A proud room of elected officials, state, and city leaders applauded as Coast native David Ishee was formally welcomed into the Mississippi Supreme Court. “Going on the Mississippi Supreme Court is a dream that I’ve had ever since I got out of law school. It’s been a long road, 29 years since and I’m very honored that the governor selected me for this appointment,” said Ishee.
Governor Phil Bryant appointed Justice Ishee last August and after taking the oath of office in Jackson early September, the Gulf Native took center stage at his investiture ceremony held at the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Park campus in Long Beach. Governor Bryant was the keynote speaker. “I want people to understand just how important this position is, making sure that lower court rulings are either upheld or overturned for cause,” said Governor Bryant.
Before becoming a state justice, Ishee served thirteen years on the court of appeals and has worn many hats in courtrooms all across the Coast. Some of his early career was spent as a judge in Pascagoula and in Gulfport. “A lot of people come as defense attorneys, some as prosecutors and some as civil lawyers. I practiced in all of those areas in different times.”
“He’s a young man that comes from a background of appreciating the fact that you have to obey the law, but he’s going to be ultimately fair,” said Governor Bryant.
Justice Ishee says being able to serve on the Mississippi Supreme Court has been a life-long goal. “Dedicate yourself. Decide what you want and give your all to it. Anything can be accomplished in this great country if you work hard enough and dedicate yourself to it.”

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