Coast man offering free lawn care for medical professionals

A Coast man is making a point to show all health care professionals just how much they are appreciated after being on the front lines of this pandemic.

If you were driving on Pass Road on Wednesday, you may have seen Colton Hale. “I normally work in construction, but my dream has been to create my own lawn business for many years.”

Hale is the owner of ‘Man and a Mower Lawn Care Business’ and is offering all health care workers free grass cutting services. “When you come home after a day of work do you want to have, you wanna come home to your home, it’s not just your house and walking up to that house with a freshly mowed lawn is something that I enjoy seeing and doing myself and I enjoy the outdoors. So it’s just a way for me to act on that.”

He says in light of the pandemic, he wants to make an effort to relieve health care professionals in any possible way. “My wife works for Deaconess Hospice which is hospice care. So, I’m seeing these workers every day working 12-, 16-hour shifts putting everything they have into making this dark time a little lighter and putting people at ease. So, my hope is just if I can take that little stress of a free lawn mowing off their hands then maybe we can all pay it forward in some way.”

Hale says it’s the least he can do for those who are fighting on the front lines of the Coronavirus battle. “I just want to thank all the health care professionals, but not only them, but grocery store employees, gas station employees, truck drivers, because these are the essential services that I think people take for granted, but now we see how important they really are.”

If you are in the health care profession and would like these services you can email or call 720-340-6819.

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