Coast Legislators on Mississippi Infrastructure

Today is day three of the Mississippi legislative session and our lawmakers have got a lot on their plate this year.
One of the big issues they are set to discuss is Mississippi’s crumbling roadways and bridges. The Mississippi Economic Council recently came out with a study that revealed more than 3,000 bridges in Mississippi are in serious need of repair. It’s going to take millions of dollars to fix them.
Our Coast legislators recognize the need for these repairs and hope they can find a sustainable source of funding for repairs without BP money going into the general pool. “The bridge situation in the state is critical. I mean, it’s something we’re going to have to deal with. It is problematic for a variety of reasons. The solution is money and our tax revenues are down right now,” said State Representative Manly Barton. State Representative Scott Delano said, “Our goal as the Mississippi Coast delegation is going to be to keep the BP money down on the Gulf Coast and not to have that money dedicated solely for transportation issues across the state."
The Mississippi Economic Council estimates $375 million is needed to fix roadways and bridges throughout the state.

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