Coast Legislation speaks to business owners

Senator Michael Watson, Senator Joel Carter and Representative Scott Delano stopped by the Knight Nonprofit Center this morning to speak in front of the Gulf Coast Business Council.

They discussed the issues that dominated the 2018 Mississippi legislative session. According to these Coast legislators, one of the main topics debated this year was what to do with the BP oil money.

Although there still has been no resolution reached freshmen Senator Joel Carter told News 25 the debate about BP oil money was one of the many things accomplished over his first year he felt proud of. “There was a lot of key issues that didn’t get solved and it’s hard to get legislation passed. This session I was able to get my own piece of legislation passed. Basically what it is, it’s a bill for sales tax exemption or municipality. So, if a municipality owns a specific piece of property and they sponsor the event and put it on they don’t really have to own it, they can lease it and they have control over the property. They don’t have to pay sales tax on the admission fees to the event.”

Senator Carter says the Gulfport Harbor Light Festival would be a great example of an event which would benefit from this new legislation.

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