Coast law enforcement agencies taking precautions amid COVID-19 threat

Along with the rest of the world, law enforcement agencies are practicing social distancing as well. Officers are taking extra safety measures while continuing to keep our communities safe in the process.

Ocean Springs Police Chief Mark Dunston said, “Police officers swore an oath to serve his or her community and that can’t shut down because of something like this.” Since the outbreak of COVID-19, coastal law enforcement agencies are taking additional precautions to stay safe. “Officers are not responding to standard medical calls other than to be support for E.M.S. paramedics and fire department personnel. Unless of course, a medical call requires somebody to get there immediately and that the police can be of some help.”

Major Chris De Back with Biloxi PD said, “All of our officers have been issued personal protection equipment, like this mask. Anytime we’re out with somebody, any time were in the presence of anybody, we are required to wear the mask. We’re maintaining that 6-foot social distancing, unless we’re making an arrest or something, we’re not touching anybody. Also, if it’s a general report being taken we have officers stationed at the front desk. The call is being routed to the front desk and we’re taking reports over the phone. That helps with officers not having to respond in different locations and it cuts down on that exposure.”

At this point more than 100 Mississippians have passed away due to the Coronavirus. With the numbers continuing to climb, Major Chris De Back says it is important for each resident to do their part to help keep the community safe. “We just ask that everybody monitor and maintain the stay-at-home orders. If you have to get out, if you have to go to the grocery store, you got to go to the doctor, go, but we ask that people go do that and then go home and enjoy themselves there.”

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