Coast Guard Cutter James Delivered to Captain

Ingalls has already provided four of the eight national security ships they promised. Today, they delivered the fifth.
The new captain and crew of the Legend class Coast Guard cutter “James” assembled on the flight deck along with many of the ship builders who had a hand in her construction.
The Legend class NSC is the flagship of the Coast Guard fleet. Today, its silhouette loomed over the shipyard as the crew who serve on her got to meet their newest crewmates on board. Jennifer Pender, BM3 (E-4) said, “Today is a pretty big deal for everyone on the crew, we’ve been working very hard to get the ship ready to take over, and everyone has been looking forward to it for a really long time now.”
Everyone on the flight deck was excited to see ownership of the “James” change hands, but maybe none more so than the new captain. Captain Andrew Tiongson, USCGC “James”, said, “ I’m blessed, I’m honored, I’m humbled to have this opportunity to be the first commanding officer of Coast Guard James, with that comes tremendous responsibility.”
He also stressed the important responsibilities of his crew as well, reminding them of their obligation as a “plank owner”, an ancient term for a member of a new ships first crew. Petty Officer 2nd Class Dustin Roll said, “ Now it’s basically running drills, getting the crew acclimated to the ship and then run drills, fire drills, running drills, making sure the crew is ready to respond.”
While it’s a new start for this ship, its captain and crew, her delivery marks the end of its project manager’s four decade career at Ingalls.
The sixth cutter “Munro” is expected to be finished next year, but in the meantime, the crew of the James will be breaking in a new ship.
The “James” is expected to depart July 12th for Boston, where after being commissioned in August, it will be stationed in Charleston, South Carolina.

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