Coast Guard and USM Team Up

The United States Coast Guard is teaming up with the University of Southern Mississippi to give students hands-on experience on what it takes to be a seaman.
USM participants who attended today’s open house learned about the latest technology the officials use and had the opportunity to drive a boat out in the Coast water.
Students, faculty and staff were welcomed to the Gulfport station to learn what the Coast Guard has to offer. Auxiliary Unit Program Unit Officer Paul Jacob said, “It’s more of a recruitment type of an event where we’re coming and showing off. We’re hoping to get the spark going for these students so that they join this program and help us boost our community and make it better than it was before.”
USM students had the opportunity to drive the $2.5 million boat during today’s open house.
AUP National Chief of Operations Jake Shaw said, “They learn how to do search and rescue missions. They learn how to do vessel inspections all within this program. It’s a real advantage for the Coast Guard to have it because these are students that are wanting to be a part of it that are beginning to get good training as they start into that new career.”
This auxiliary university program works around student’s busy schedules, with most of their training taking place on weekends.
Coast Guard officials tell News 25 this program is a great first step for anyone interested in being out on the water and saving lives. “I just hope we get a lot of students to come out. I think they’ll learn a lot and they’ll get excited about being here. I know I am,” said Shaw.
This is the 13th auxiliary university program nationwide.
The Coast Guard officials at the Gulfport station are hoping to continue this open house with USM once every semester.

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