Coast Delegation Comments on BP Settlement

A large portion of allocating that $1.5 billion dollars will fall on the shoulders of the state legislature.
The state legislature will be tasked with deciding how to spend exactly half of that $1.5 billion over the next 17 years, with $150 million being used in 2016 and $40 million each year after that.
Today News 25 spoke with members of your Coast Delegation on what their hopes are for this BP money. While all want to see this money stay here in South Mississippi, they acknowledge that with the money going into the general fund, that may be difficult, seeing as the general fund goes to pay for projects statewide.
District 122 Representative David Baria said, “You know there are going to be folks up in other parts of the state, those people might be chairmen of a committee or two that want to get their hands on some of this money and the Coast Delegation just has to stay united and strong in that this money came from the Coast and the devastation that happened here and it needs to come back to the Coast.”

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