Coast Delegates Headed to Democratic National Convention

With the RNC over, it’s the Democrats turn in the spotlight.
Delegates from across the country will take over Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention on Monday.
Attorney and Biloxi Architectural and Historical Review Commissioner Sugar Stallings will be packing her bags and representing the Coast Democratic Delegation.
Stallings, a former immigrant from Trinidad, tells News 25 her road to being a delegate started last March on the Coast and took her to Hattiesburg and Jackson as she competed against hundreds for the position.
Stallings is a delegate for Hillary Clinton, but also plans on addressing topics close to her heart. “To represent and engage more young people in the democratic process. To really go and be a woman and have a seat at the table. I think a lot of time, women really don’t have a seat at the table, they kind of hold themselves back. So, really kind of use my education and fortitude, but also my youth and agility to kind of move things forward.”
Ruthie White and Curley Clark of Jackson County join Stallings as the three coastal Democratic delegates for Mississippi.

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