Coast Coliseum strengthens security

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum is intensifying their security around the facility to better protect those attending events.
On Tuesday, the Coliseum Commission voted to buy metal detectors and cameras and it’s all funded by a $65,000 grant provided by the state of Mississippi. Altogether they will have 12 walk-through metal detectors, six new wands, and 35 additional cameras with more storage space.
Executive Director Matt McDonnell tells News 25 it’s now more of a rule to take these precautions. “We’re seeing more and more shows are requiring that the patrons be screened prior to coming into the event. Where before it was an exception now it’s basically the rule and we’re seeing it not only from the events, but we’re also seeing how many other facilities have gone to this measure for the same reason.”
The Coliseum will also be issuing a clear bag policy which will go into effect in January. The new metal detectors and cameras are expected to be installed this week and ready to use by December.

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