A closer look at MHSAA’s June 1st restart

The Mississippi High School Activities Association is on board with the June 1st restart, but it’s not always that simple.

The guidelines set forth by Governor Reeves will also be met by those handed down by the MHSAA as soon as tomorrow.

St. Martin Head Boys Basketball Coach Charlie Pavlus says all the athletic directors on the Coast are coming together to make a uniform decision as to how to interpret those guidelines that aren’t necessarily black and white. “There’s a lot of grey area because I may read those guidelines one way. Biloxi may read them one way. Ocean Springs may read them one way, so right now all the athletic directors on the Coast are having conference calls and Zoom meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page. One of the lines says that you can’t share equipment for the first two weeks, and maybe the entire summer. But when I shoot a basketball, somebody normally rebounds it and throws it back. So I can’t shoot, wipe the ball down, throw it back. Is that ideal going to rebound your own shot? No. They certainly – I guarantee you they don’t want to be in here just running sprints.”

Monday’s restart is considered voluntary for all summer practices, workouts, skill development, weight-lifting, conditioning, and rehearsals.

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