Climb CDC Hopes to Get More Family Involvement

The Climb CDC is actively working to bring together families through various programs. News 25’s Shelby Myers joined in on the family fun and has the story.
In January, the PAL Center on Old Pass Road closed its doors for the last time. But through the partnership of the city of Gulfport and the police department, Climb CDC reopened the building in July in hopes of reaching a community needing it the most.
Climb CDC graduate Anika Moore said, “When you put something positive into something negative, it’s always going to help because the more positive you bring, it’s always going to overtake it.”
Anika Moore previously lived in the neighborhood just down the road from the new Family Enrichment Center. Climb CDC helped her get her life back on the right track when she dropped out of high school and now she’s helping them. “I’m always here to help. I’m always here to support them because they helped me so much. I decided it’s time to give back,” said Moore.
Typically the Climb CDC assists youth but this new family center is for a younger generation. Marketing Director at Climb CDC Marquez Singleton said, “We’re doing a different approach. We’re trying to get parents involved with their children. We have a number of different things you can get involved with. We have a reading center. We have a computer lab, which you can work on resumes and career development.”
The center’s most recent family involved activity was teaching children what to do if disaster strikes. While there wasn’t a huge crowd, Singleton and Moore hope the word will spread so that more families will get involved and the center will remain a light in the Gulfport community.
If you would like to be involved in Climb CDC’s family enrichment programs, you can go online to their website at or their Climb CDC Facebook page.

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