Click It or Ticket campaign May 22 through June 4

‘Click it or ticket:’ that’s the message from police departments across the Coast as today kicks off a seat belt campaign.
The Click it or Ticket period coincides with the busy travel season as families hit the road for summer vacations. In 2015, nearly half of the 22,441 people killed in car crashes were unrestrained.
Law enforcement agencies will be taking a no-excuse approach to seat belt enforcement, writing citations day and night. Sergeant Josh Bromen with Gulfport PD said, “We’re trying to make sure these people remember that something so quick, so small can have a major impact. A lot of the excuses we hear are ‘it’s my choice,’ ‘it’s my life,’ ‘it’s my decision.’ To an extent it is, but you do have somebody who cares about you, a loved one, family members. Again, just remember them. If you won’t buckle up for yourself, buckle up for them.”
Beginning July 1st, a new seat belt law goes into effect requiring back seat passengers to buckle up as well.

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