Click it or Ticket

Starting May 23rd through June 5th, you may see an increase in law enforcement patrols.
In an effort to spread the message that child restraint and seat belt laws will be heavily enforced around the clock, law enforcement agencies from the six coastal counties were represented at a meeting in Gulfport today.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014 alone, 475 people were killed in Mississippi crashes, 279 of those people were unrestrained.
So, here’s your reminder from police to click it or ticket. Sgt. Damon McDaniel with Gulfport PD said, “It’s not about how many tickets we can write and it’s not about how much money we generate for the City of Gulfport. It’s about how many lives we can save through this enforcement effort.”
Law enforcement officials also want to remind drivers to make sure everyone in the car is restrained. Not only does it save lives, but in Mississippi, the driver can get one ticket each for every person in their vehicle not wearing a seat belt.

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