Cleaning Up for Tourism

The Mississippi Gulf Coast sees 5.6 million visitors a year, but officials tell News 25 the amount of trash that litters our coastal counties sends a not so welcoming sign.
Today, beautification and tourism leaders met in Biloxi to discuss ways everyone can make our Coast beautiful.
Cigarette butts, empty water jugs, and lost items of clothing are among some items of debris scattered along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This can take a toll on the environment and on tourism.
Harrison County District 5 Supervisor Connie Rockco said, “If we are trashing our own area, if we do not appreciate our own resources, what message does that send?
Jenna Bennett with the Harrison County Beautification Commission said, “We want this to be a nice area that people brag about, that people come to, that people want to live in.”
Even something as simple as tossing a cigarette butt could cost you up to $500. Beautification leaders tell news 25 a clean community is the backbone of economic development.
“If we have people come in and want to invest in our community for economic development and they see a community that has no pride or sense of ownership, then they’re going to feel that they also will not be a good employee because they will not have pride in their workplace,” said Rockco.
Tourism leaders are also taking steps to make visitors feel welcome to the scenic shoreline by adding more signs to the entire Mississippi Coast. Renee Areng with Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast said, “There’s a collaborative effort between several organizations trying to get better signage, not only along Highway 90, but welcoming visitors off I-10 and throughout all three counties.”
With 70,000 cars passing through Mississippi every day on Interstate 10, tourism leaders tell News 25 a more welcoming appearance for visitors will ultimately benefit the residents.

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