Cleaning up two months after deadly tornado in Hamilton

Two months after a tornado ripped through north Mississippi killing one Hamilton man, the cleanup efforts are just getting underway this week.

According to Monroe County Road Manager Sonny Clay the hold-up is thanks to FEMA and MEMA. As the county waits for a federal declaration to help fund the cleanup, the Monroe County Board of Supervisors approved a contract to start removing debris from homes and private property.

The contract went into effect this week and in three days the contractors were able to pick up 15,000 cubic yards.

Clay says he is just ready to help get things back to normal for residents. “These people have had this debris in their yards all summer long. They haven’t been able to mow their lawns or get their ditches cleaned up make their place the way folks in Monroe County like to make their places look. To be able to get this picked up and back to somewhat normal because many of them still have house damage, still have roofs to be replaced there’s a lot yet to happen, but from a county standpoint to get this started and get this picked up is a big move for us.”

County leaders hired Debris Tech of Picayune to monitor the debris removal and D.R.C. Emergency Services of Metairie, Louisiana to handle the actual removal.

They hope to receive a declaration this week. The two contracts will run the county between two and three million dollars.

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