‘Cleaner World Festival’ coming to the Coast

A new festival was announced with the goal of raising awareness among the next generation of Coast residents.

Keeping the Coast clean and thriving for generations to come is the goal of a new festival being held in Biloxi later this month.

The “Cleaner World Festival” is a partnership with Clear Vision Entertainment and Big Play Entertainment, along with numerous sponsors like the Pascagoula River Audubon Center, One Gulf One Goal, and NOAA Fisheries.

Event Promoter Glenn Mattina says that local environmental issues, such as the Bonnet Carre Spillway opening and the algae blooms, make the event an important one for residents. “Let’s just face it. Where we live here, our environment, we’re going to continue to have recurring events and issues, oil spills, opening of the spillway, you name it.”

Marty Wilson with ‘One Gulf, One Goal’ hopes the festival can be a catalyst in promoting good environmental stewardship for children. “We gotta break that cycle and teach the youth because it is their planet we’re leaving for them anyway.”

Once festival time rolls around, attendees can expect both informative discussions on environmental issues, along with entertainment and fun for all ages. “The early part of the day is going to be dedicated to our organizations. The last part of the day, we’ll have live entertainment. We’ve got three bands that are going to be performing. There are kid activities with inflatables that is going to be going on.”

Mattina encourages Coast residents to be environmentally aware every day of their lives. “If everyone just took that lifestyle difference and looked at it each day a little different, because if it’s a tourist and it’s someone out of town takes that same walk that me and my wife take, guess what they’re not going to see? They’re not going to see the trash left on the beach.”

The festival will debut on Saturday, September 28th from 1 to 8 p.m. at Big Play Entertainment ‘s Outdoor Grounds in Biloxi and the public is invited to attend.

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