Clean up and recovery continues in Pass Christian

One Harrison County city took quite a few hits during last year’s storm season, but is making progress and heading toward a full recovery.

Tropical Storm Cristobal and Hurricane Zeta caused millions of dollars in damage in Pass Christian, but Mayor Chipper McDermott says things are moving forward.

The Pass Harbor, both old and new, are back up and running. Although plans are underway for more repairs from Hurricane Zeta damage. Mayor McDermott said, “They’ve got electricity. They’ve got water. They’ve got everything they need. The thing is some of the piers have been damaged to the point they can’t get out of the end of them because there were a few boats left in the harbor, and they did some damage. The water did some damage, too. The Harbor is functional, both of them are functional. It’s just they have a little bit of physical damage that may take a while to get done.”

Mayor McDermott says debris clean up continues in the city, but is nearing completion.

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