Classy Chassis in Gulfport offering ‘Haunted Car Wash’

If you’re asking yourself where you can get a good car wash and a good scare this Halloween, a local Gulfport car wash has you covered.

Classy Chassis on Highway 49 is holding a haunted car wash every Friday and Saturday throughout the month of October.

Employees wear their scariest costumes and provide fun-filled scares while you and your car cruise through the wash.

Dozens of cars have been lining the street in front of the car wash, eager to get inside.

Store Manager Skye Wilkinson says the customers are loving it. “It’s definitely going well. We started it last year and it didn’t go as well as we hoped but the numbers this year have tripled. It was just a group effort to share our appreciation for all the business and support we have been getting. Who expects to go through a car wash and get scared? It’s just something that is fun and exciting.”

The haunted fun starts at 7 and ends at 9. Every car with a child gets a free car wash and candy.

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