Class of 2017 completes drug court program

This afternoon, the Drug Court for the Second Judicial District of Mississippi celebrated 18 consecutive years of second chances.
The Good Deeds Community Center was packed as family and friends came to watch graduates of the 2017 Drug Court Program receive their certificate of completion. The individuals who go through this program get a fresh start, despite the fact that they once dealt with drug charges and addiction.
One member of the program tells News 25 that his path to sobriety has given him and his family a better life. Member Matthew Tyler Hughes said, “I went up the road to MDOC Alcohol and Drug. I came back, started working at a burger joint, put myself through school. I work for IBW and I’ve been clean for close to four years now and I have a new baby girl and a family. It’s just changed my whole life, the outlook on everything. There’s just no words to explain it.”
The group of people in the program is made up of residents of Hancock, Harrison, and Stone counties.

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