Civil War Artifact Returned to the Beauvoir

Monday, a Civil War artifact was returned to the Beauvoir. That artifact was a bell from a ship called the Star of the West.

In 1861, the ship was fired upon by cadets from the citadel to prevent the Union army from coming down the river. The Beauvoir loaned the bell to the citadel and Monday, cadets returned the bell as well as performed a march for visitors.

Cheryl Taylor, Executive Director of The Museum of the Mississippi Delta, says, “And it’s being returned, so they’re making pomp and circumstance about it because it’s President’s Day of course and we consider President Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy. So members of citadel will be coming, the Summerall guards, and there will be a major presentation of the bell.”

The cadets traveled all the way from South Carolina to return the bell.

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