City of Waveland unveils $1.9 million project plans

For some time, Waveland has been the only Coastal city in the state that has no public restrooms on the beach and it has never been home to a lighthouse. As News 25’s Toni Miles shows us, that’s all about to change.
Waveland Mayor Mike Smith’s enthusiasm overflows as he talks about the $1.9 million Waveland lighthouse and public pavilion project now underway. “That’s where the lighthouse is going to be, where the tractor or where the crane is.”
A plan like this would have seemed unimaginable as Smith walked out to this same stretch of beach as a firefighter in the wake of Katrina, now the city is making way for a lighthouse, something Waveland has never had. “The lighthouse itself is going to be square like the one at Gulfport Harbor. It’s going to be amazing. It truly is.”
The project also helps to alleviate a major concern expressed over the years as outlined back in 2015 when tourists complained to News 25 about the lack of a bathroom facility at the Waveland beach, an issue Alderman Jeremy Burke knows all too well not only as a city official, but also as a father. “I grew up down the road. I remember coming down here. I have small kids at home. We’d come down and enjoy and one of the issues is we always have to go home early because someone has to go to the restroom.”
But relief is right around the corner. The new project has a restroom facility that will take place of port-a-potties. “It’s also going to attract some stuff we’ve been lacking because of the lack of bathroom facilities. They have interest from volleyball tournaments that want to use our volleyball complex, fishing rodeos, and then those celebrations that we have at the Veteran’s Memorial.”
Mayor Smith says this is just a glimpse of more to come. “So this is hopefully going to light the way for economic development in Waveland, hence the lighthouse on top.”

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