City Plans to Open a Waterpark Resort on Casino Magic Property

Since Hurricane Katrina, the property where Casino Magic once was has sat dormant, but today plans were brought forth to bring it back to life.
This morning, the Biloxi Architectural and Historic Review Commission reviewed plans by city developers to build a water park resort.
Sugar Stallings with the Biloxi Architectural and Historic Review Commission said, “We approved a property that’s been a blight for years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I’ve been an implant less than 18 moths and it’s just been a blight and definitely an eyesore.”
The waterpark resort will have pools, splash pads, restaurants and will be surrounded by a marina.
Cono Caranna, the resort waterpark developer, said, “We’ll have 373 rooms. The water park will be on the part that extends out from the hotel going north towards 90. It’ll have an activity pool. It’ll have a few slides that go into a lazy river.”
About a year and a half ago, Margaritaville had plans to build a casino resort on this same property. The company began renovating the hotel portion of the resort but abandoned renovations when talks for the resort fell through. Now, due to that remodeling by Margaritaville Biloxi, there’s little work left to be done on the hotel.
“Completely structurally sound. The hotel is much further along than most people think. All the electrical, plumbing is already completed. We were able to use and work into our design everything they had left,” said Caranna.
The project is estimated to cost in the millions. Developers won’t have an exact estimate until the secretary approves the amount of tidelands they can use for the resort.
They are hoping for a grand opening by next summer.

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