City of Pascagoula collects hurricane relief supplies

The City of Pascagoula wants to help those who are suffering from major devastation due to Hurricane Sally.

Having known what it is like to be recovering from a hurricane, the city wants to deliver relief to those in affected areas.

You can still donate supplies until 5 p.m. today at the Pascagoula Senior Center. They’ve been collecting supplies for the past two days.

They’re collecting items individuals would need directly after a hurricane with the exception of clothing. You can bring items like cleaning supplies, toiletries, canned food, diapers, and wipes.  City of Pascagoula Public Information Officer Katarina Luketich said, “In addition, a group of our firefighters are going to volunteer for the Orange Beach Fire Department. They spent so much time serving their community and haven’t had time to check on their homes. So our firefighters are going over there and members from their fire department are going to clean up their yards this weekend.”

Volunteers with the Pascagoula Fire Department are making a trip this weekend to deliver the supplies to those affected in Alabama.

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