City of Pascagoula Looks to Renovate Recreational Sports Complexes

Pascagoula residents can expect to see a much needed facelift to recreational sport facilities across the city in the upcoming months.
A project ten years in the making is finally coming fruition; the city of Pascagoula will be renovating their recreational sports complexes.
Pascagoula Mayor Jim Blevins said, “Over the last couple of years, we’ve had our citizens come to us a number of times and ask us to improve our athletic facilities in Pascagoula and we’re delighted to work on this project. It’s been quite a challenge as you can imagine.”
The city unanimously voted to renovate existing facilities instead of building an entirely new sports complex. The city hopes to get the project going within the next 12 months. Residents can expect to see new baseball fields with renovated concession stands and bathrooms, upgrades to the softball complexes and more lighting on the soccer fields.
The renovations will be paid for with a $10 million recreation bond. In order to pay that bond back over 20 years, the city will propose a 2% prepared food tax that residents will be asked to vote on in the upcoming months.
The city will now work on creating a more detailed outline for the renovations so residents can see sooner rather than later how their future complexes will look.

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