City of Gulfport to Have Buffer Zone at Firework Shows

The city of Gulfport will be doing something new this year when they set off their fireworks on July Fourth.
For safety purposes, there will be a buffer zone area from 15th Street to Highway 49 South of Highway 90 and all fireworks will be prohibited in this area.
If you park north of HWY 90, a shuttle will bring you from the CTA building to the buffer zone near Jones Park. The city of Gulfport is encouraging all families to come see the fireworks starting at 8:45 on the Fourth of July.
Gulfport Fire Chief Mike Beyerstedt said, “I’m a grandfather. I want to bring my grandchildren down here and enjoy the fireworks, I like fireworks. We just want to have a safe place for those people who want to see it with their little kids, but we also want to have a place where if people want to shoot off fireworks, they can do that too, just not right here in the buffer zone.”
The city of Gulfport wants to remind you that Moses Pier will be closed on Saturday starting at 6 a.m. until the conclusion of the fireworks display and the cleanup.

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