City of Biloxi to Move the Main Gate at Keesler Air Force Base

Moving the main gate to Keesler Air Force Base will cost $30 million but the city of Biloxi says it is a priority.
Security issues are driving Mayor Gilich’s push to move the gate from White Avenue to Division Street. Military officials say the current gate does not meet the Department of Defense security standards.
The plan to move the gate in 2009 was dropped due to budget cuts. Now that the city has determined how much the project will cost, they have to figure out what financial avenue to take and are looking at going to the state and federal levels to partially fund it.
Mayor Gilich said “From our end, we are trying to get off I-10, with a beautiful fly in to Division St. and improve. You go to some of these other bases and it really is a military facility, and for a half a mile, we can really make that effort.”
Mayor Gilich says funding is just the first step; the entire project will take a few years to complete.

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