City of Biloxi Looks to Add a Beach Boardwalk

A festive boardwalk filled with kiosks and pavilions could be on its way to Biloxi.
At today’s city council meeting, Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich asked the council to hire local architect, Frank Genzer, to help developers present more attractive proposals to the city. One proposal would be for a boardwalk on the sand beach that would stretch from Rodenberg to Treasure Bay.
Genzer says his top priorities in development for Biloxi will focus on historical preservation and more family fun: “It would be a phenomenal opportunity for families. You would have a boardwalk large enough that you can have kiosks on it. So, it’s just a great benefit to encourage other development along that area.”
Once hired, Genzer will also help with projects including the proposed new Keesler gate.
The mayor says Genzer is the man for the job because he will also preserve the historical heritage of Biloxi.

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