City of Biloxi Hires Architect to Help with City Development

Before Mayor Gilich was even elected, he had big plans for development in Biloxi. Today, those plans started to come to life.
Mayor Gilich asked the council to hire an architect to help jumpstart development in the City.
Just over 40 days ago, Andrew “FoFo” Gilich stepped into the role as Biloxi’s mayor with grand ideas to bring economic development to the city. Today, those goals were given life as the city council hired local architect Frank Genzer as a consultant for development in Biloxi.
Mayor Gilich said, “I’ve known Frank a long time and I know his passion for Biloxi and I think we think a lot on a lot of issues about what we need to do and reinvigorate the Biloxi experience and that’s what I think he brings to the table better than anyone.”
Mayor Gilich asked the council to hire Genzer after a group of state legislators inquired for a “blue sky” list of projects he wished to see throughout the city. Gilich believes Genzer can advise those projects in a way that best preserves Biloxi’s historical architecture and also raise the bar on development in the city.
Genzer said, “There are multiple, multiple projects that the mayor has in mind and he wants to be sure that when guests and our residents travel those corridors that it’s going to be representative of what Biloxi really should be.”
One of those projects is a festive boardwalk full of kiosks and pavilions for family fun. But, it won’t stop there; other development projects include the Woolmarket exit off I-10, Point Cadet, Division Street and the entrance to Keesler Air Force Base.

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