City of Bay St. Louis hosted Witches Walk 2022

Do you believe in magic? Witches were spotted in Bay St. Louis on Saturday.

Witches Walk participants had a full day of eating, drinking, and shopping throughout Old Town with event specials going on all day.

The Shops of Century Hall held the best broom decorating contest and invited witches upstairs for some double, double boil and trouble wine.

A contest was held for best costume, hat, and makeup.

The Hall’s Manager JoAnn Saucier tells News 25 it is her favorite time of the year. Not only does it help local businesses, but people are able to dress up and get involved with the community at the same time. “It just never ceases to amaze me. It is like I can never get over the creativity and everyone is different and I love it. This is definitely a good pick me up in heading in the holiday season for us. So, it’s great.”

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