City of Moss Point sets new curfew for minors

Moss Point Mayor Mario King issued a curfew during his board of aldermen meeting last night for anyone under the age of 18.
“I want everyone to point fingers at themselves and say what can we do better as a community to ensure this violence stops?” Mayor Mario King is talking about the violence that has left several dead in the community over the last couple of months.
Moss Point High School Senior Desiree’ Broadnax said, “Well, it makes me feel like I can’t even go home and just rest really peacefully because my dad was one of the first ones to die, Ronald Broadnax, he was one of the first ones. I just want to go home and feel safe.”
Safety is precisely the reason why the City of Moss Point will now be strictly enforcing their curfew for minors. Anyone under the age of 18 must be home before 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and before 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday Moss Point Youth Services Librarian Monica Wilkinson said, “You know, as the children get older, there is more of a tendency for them to get into more trouble as the hours get later. I think them being at home and not out is a great step in assuring they don’t get into trouble.”
It’s not only adults agreeing with the curfew. Moss Point High School Senior Devin Simpson said, “I totally agree on it only because of the fact of what has been going on now in the community, especially Moss Point. I feel like it’s just trying to give us a sense of comfort and trying to protect us as a youth.”
Mayor King says that this curfew will not only protect the youth, but also help law enforcement. “My main goal is to keep people off the streets so that our local law enforcement and some of the other agencies that are working with us can focus their energy on the neighborhoods so they can work on making sure that crime is low in the neighborhood.”
Any minor found outside after curfew will be held by an officer until their legal guardian picks them up. “Hopefully we can resolve this issue of being able to come home safe and having a safer community.”

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