The City of Moss Point discusses recent violence

Today, Moss Point Mayor Mario King held a press conference to discuss the recent violence plaguing the City of Moss Point. His call for change comes after three people were shot during a home invasion during a Super Bowl party, leaving one of the victims dead.
News 25’s Veronica Bayona was at the meeting and brings us more on what was discussed.
“This is our community. This is our city and it’s time to put our arms around it and love one another.”
Mayor Mario King stood in front of a room full of people with his guard down and hopes up for the future of the City of Moss Point. “Our community is hurting. No faith justifies the hate, the outrage of these torturous acts of violence.”
Mayor King is talking about the five homicides that have taken place in Moss Point since the new year began. Local, county, and state officials were all present at the press conference, standing together in solidarity to tackle the violence. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “Now is the time to come forward if you have information or if you think you might have some information.”
District Attorney Tony Lawrence also took to the podium, directly addressing the criminals that have been spreading violence throughout the city. “If there is any doubt that you think you are going to win this battle, come sit in this room right now, look at the people that care.”
Officials made it clear to residents that they are doing everything in their power to control the crime, assuring them they have gone as far as involving the FBI on some of the cases. Resident Teretta Roberts said, “Just stop, come together, whatever your problem is seek another answer, seek another source, don’t turn to violence, don’t turn to the gun, to the killing and the shootings, just stop.”
Resident David Wright said, “If that home invasion don’t show you that you need to speak out and let everyone know what’s going on and who’s done it, just think about it, it might be you next.”

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