City of Gulfport wins best overall

Today was a day of celebration for the City of Gulfport.
Officials from the city gathered at the 86th annual Mississippi Municipal League Excellence Awards to be recognized for the development of Fishbone Alley. With over 1,500 people registered and 3,000 attending the event, Gulfport’s nationally recognized alley was the highlight of the day winning best overall for 2017.
While you might think the development is over, officials say there is more in store. City of Gulfport Public Relations Coordinator Chris Vignes said, “It’s really brought the community together. We’ve kind of joked that it is our urban living room. People can come down and gather. There is always art in motion. There is always something to see. We are getting ready to make a big announcement here in the next few weeks. We will be installing speakers throughout Fishbone Alley so it’s going to give an opportunity for music to be flowing for different events, special events and just add to the flare of all the art that is taking place.”
Seventeen artists have been featured so far in the alley since the opening last October and developers tell News 25 there are more on the way.

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