City of D’Iberville hosting donation drive for Hurricane Laura victims

The City of D’Iberville is also on the front lines and getting ready to roll out and help Hurricane Laura victims.

A collection has been underway at D’Iberville Fire Station number one since this weekend and will continue until a semi-truck is packed with donations.

D’Iberville firefighters are on the front lines, putting their skills to work, including some heavy lifting and getting a helping hand from city residents and businesses.

Fire Chief Gerald Smith knows all too well the value in teamwork and they’re on a roll, judging from the steady stream of support and donations coming in for victims of Hurricane Laura at D’Iberville Fire Station number one on Lamey Bridge Road.

Chief Smith and his crew are stationed here, coordinating with another city team across state lines. City of D’Iberville Manager Clay Jones said, “They’ve got plenty of water from what we hear. Actually, we have a team over-law enforcement feeding right now, and they’re kind of doing reconnaissance for us if you will. They do need Clorox, bleach wipes, mops, all those cleaning supplies we needed after Katrina, plus tarps.”

Of course, you can add pet food, paper towels, hand sanitizers, and toilet paper to the list, all things Katrina survivors know we often once took for granted. Fire Chief Smith said, “Most of us remember, it was hot back then. It was hard to find somewhere to find a shower. We know what the people in Louisiana are going through. We felt what they feel now.”

Images of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Laura has hit close to home for many of those in D’Iberville and is just one reason why they’re doing this donation drive. “Basically, we’re just paying it forward. We’ve been around the block. We know how this is. What we want to do is collect as much as we can for the people in South Louisiana and help them out.”

You can pitch in. Just swing by the fire station any time between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. to drop off your contribution. “We got a lot of donations in. We still have a ways to go to fill the truck up, but we’re hoping by the end of the week we’ll have that done.”

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