City Council Approves Purchase for Biloxi PD

Biloxi City Council green lighted the purchase of new protective body armor for the Biloxi Police Department.
A unanimous vote from the council granted the police department approval to purchase over $8,000 worth of body armor. The department custom orders vests according to the size of each officer and these newly purchased protective vests will be given to the city’s newest uniformed men and women.
News 25 spoke with Biloxi Police Chief John Miller after the meeting about the importance of this purchase for his police force. “We’ve been very fortunate in Biloxi. We have the body armor and the equipment that we need. The mayor and the city council have been excellent to us over the years, making sure we have those things. Technology changes, the criminals are going to stay up on technology and we have to do that, too.”
Chief Miller says this type of body armor will typically last five to eight years and will work well with the department’s new body cameras.

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