City of Biloxi to front cost of President Trump’s security

The cost of the added security that came along with President Trump’s visit to the Coast Monday night might be coming out of the City of Biloxi’s pocket.

Nearly one hundred officers were assigned to work as the presidential detail, some officers even coming in from Pascagoula and Wiggins to assist.

According to the City of Biloxi Public Affairs Officer Vincent Creel the exact amount of money has not been determined yet so the policy makers in Biloxi have not made a decision on whether they plan to bill the federal government for the added costs. “The question is what’s fair to tax payers. On one hand, it was a visit by the President and the Vice President. Our police and fire have an obligation for public safety and for the safety of the President and the Vice President. On the other hand, we are talking about a political event here,” said Creel.

In 2016, while still on the campaign trail, President Trump stopped in Biloxi and Creel says the city did send a bill to the campaign for the security costs. However, that has never been paid.

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