Citadel Shield Solid Curtain Exercise

The Seabee Base in Gulfport will be conducting its annual Force Protection Exercise from today until Friday, February 14th. This is all in an effort to enhance the readiness of Navy security forces.

It’s a two-part exercise with the major portion being next week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Seabee Base leaders say measures have been taken to minimize disruptions in the local community and base operations, but there may be times the exercise causes increased traffic in that area of west Gulfport as well as possible delays in base access.

If you live near the base you may also hear or see security activities associated with the exercise. They ask the public to be patient when using roads around base entrances during this time.

These exercises are vital to the safety of the base and the Gulfport community as a whole. NCBC Commander Captain William Whitmire said, “There is a real threat to our bases across the world. So, we train to be able to respond to that threat. We train very closely with our inner agency partners here in Gulfport. I think we have one of the tightest working relationships of any base. So, this is a great opportunity not only for us to train and hone our skills, but also for the inner agency to get some really good training.”

The NCBC is coordinating with local law enforcement and first responders at this time so they are aware. They also plan on having them participate in some of the measures.

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