Circuit Court Judge Runoff Election Happens Tuesday

A runoff election will take place Tuesday between circuit court judge candidates, Robert Fant Walker and Chris Schmidt.

Both candidates believe they are right for the District 2 judge position that presides over Harrison, Hancock, and Stone Counties. Schmidt is relying on his 20 years of law experience to give him the upper hand, while Walker believes his time as a municipal court judge is comparable.

Schmidt says, “Our campaign has been singular in message that experience in the circuit court is critical, and we ask folks to recognize that and vote to that, and they have.”

Walker says, “Gulfport municipal court, we hear lots of cases, it’s not just traffic offenses. We hear very serious offenses in that court, like domestic violence cases, D.U.I. cases, shoplifting cases, all of which are enhancable offenses that can end up in circuit court.”

The biggest challenge the candidates say is getting people out to the polls Tuesday for a second time.

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