Chris McDaniel speaks at Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport had U.S. Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel for Sunday lunch to discuss the nation’s future with locals.
McDaniel says with every big movement in history that really shook up the country it always starts in small churches. He spoke to church members and locals about ‘draining the swamp’ on both Democrat and Republican sides.
McDaniel’s mission with his campaign is to change tradition in which politicians are appointed. “We have been doing it the old way for far too long. The same politicians who are appointed by their friends, they go to Washington and they always find a way to take care of each other. They find a way to get perks, money, and privileges. The rest of us have to suffer. It’s time to turn that upside down. This is our country. This is our state. That’s our capitol. The people should control it. We want to put Mississippi first for a change.”
McDaniel tells News 25 he will not use negative ads to attack Senator Roger Wicker. Instead, he is open to debate Wicker to discuss the nation’s future.

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