Children’s Memorial Wall to be Built in Ocean Springs

Compassionate Friends of the Gulf Coast is a support group for those who have lost a child, sibling or family member, especially at a young age. Plans are now underway to build a memorial for their loved ones as well as others in Ocean Springs. News 25’s Gina Tomlinson gives us our first look at what’s now underway with the children’s memorial wall.
Not only did Linda Seymour lose her sister at a very early age but her son, Michael Seymour Jr., was only 21 when she says he was murdered in Biloxi. Two decades have passed but his mother can still vividly remember the last time she saw her son. “He just hugged me and I could feel his hand on my back and he said, ‘Mama, I love you.’”
Years after Michael’s death, Linda started a local support group in Ocean Springs called Compassionate Friends. Ann Schuck is also a member of the group. She lost her son, Gordon, when he was just 28. Although he has passed, she wants to keep her son’s memory alive. “We just don’t want people to forget him. We want friends and everyone to remember that he was here and that he played a part in their life as well as ours.”
That is the reason Compassionate Friends is building a children’s memorial wall right in front of the Ocean Springs Civic Center. Compassionate Friends will be taking brick orders for another month and a half.
While Linda is glad to see this long time dream finally come to life, she says her first and last thought of the day will always be her son. “You’ll always miss them and you’ll always have that little part. You do survive and there is hope ahead.”

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