Childers Challenges Cochran to South MS Debate at Wednesday Press Conference

U.S. Senate Candidate Travis Childers appeared at a press conference Wednesday calling on Senator Thad Cochran to join him for a debate at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast on the issues important to hard-working, Mississippi families.

"In order to give every voter the opportunity to know where their next U.S. Senator stands on the issues that matter to them, I challenge Senator Cochran to meet in at least one of the four congressional districts for debates that are open to the public and media," Childers said.

It has been over a month since Childers accepted an invitation to debate at The University of Mississippi School of Journalism and Politics, and that debate invitation has not yet been responded to by Senator Cochran. Childers has also announced plans to debate at the Mississippi College School of Law and will continue to call for a series of debates to reach Mississippians across the state.

Childers said, "After 42 years in Washington, Senator Cochran cannot show up for a couple of weeks, every six years and expect to understand the extreme challenges facing hard-working, Mississippi families – challenges like Mississippi’s unemployment rate rising to the highest in the nation."

Childers differs from Senator Cochran on extremely important issues facing our state and country, and Mississippians deserve the chance to hear their Senate candidates debate these differences.

"Senator Cochran opposes raising the minimum wage. But I know Mississippians, and they are hard-working people who deserve honest pay for a full-days work. It’s our responsibility to raise the minimum wage to a living wage."

Two months remain until the November 4th election, which Childers says is plenty of time to hold at least one debate in every congressional district to reach as many Mississippians as possible.

Childers concluded, "The U.S. Senate has been out of session for more than five weeks and is only expected to meet for two to three weeks before the November election – there is no reason we can’t find a time to debate the issues important to voters. The people of Mississippi deserve no less."

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