Child Safety Week

In 2014, 451 children under the age of eight were killed in motor vehicle crashes. Of those 116 of those children were not properly restrained. Officials are using this week’s child passenger safety week in an effort to help educate people and in turn reduce those statistics. Officers tell News 25 one of the most common things they see when child safety seats are a violation is that parents are not properly using the child restraint. Sgt. Damon J. McDaniel tells News 25, “We’re looking at these children that are secured to the actual child safety seat but they’re not secured to the vehicle, which basically is a safe situation when regarding to sudden breaking and things like that or even just an accident. The child is not safe at all at that point. The child might risk the chances of being thrown around in the vehicle, inside the seat, inside the vehicle. “ Four million babies born in the US each year and with so many children riding in cars, officers are urging the public to ensure your safety seats are properly secured to the car itself.

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