Chief selects bridge run

Navy chief selects had a different view this morning while performing their physical training.
Thirty-eight men and women in the process of becoming chief petty officers ran their PT near the Ocean Springs Biloxi Bridge. Their journey began back in August after they were selected for their distinguished rank in the United States Navy. For weeks, they have to go through heritage training, physical fitness, drill, and ceremony training plus complete hours of classroom instruction.
These chief selects are expected to lead sailors from different backgrounds with integrity. The established chiefs ran side by side with the men and women to show camaraderie within the military. Senior Chief Matt Dooley said, “When they come into the collective chief’s mess they come into a huge family and it’s like a fraternity essentially as well, so we want to make sure they’re well prepared we go out there and do the same type of exercises and everything they do we have certainly done in the past and we’ll do most of the stuff with them while they’re going through the process.”
This Ocean Springs bridge run with Navy chief selects has been a tradition for over five years here on the Coast. They will be promoted on September 15th with a large celebration on the following day.

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