Chevron releases statement on noose incident

A noose was discovered Monday at the Chevron Refinery in Pascagoula and now an investigation is underway to determine who placed the noose on refinery’s grounds.
Since the discovery of the noose, Chevron has gone on the record to address the situation. In the statement released it was disclosed that the noose was hanging in an operating unit and was removed immediately after being brought to leadership’s attention.
News 25 spoke to Alan Sudduth, the Chevron Public and Government Affairs manager, who says the investigation is being led by the Chevron Refinery security team with the help of the Jackson County Sheriff Department. “Because of the sensitivity of this activity and because we want to encourage people to come forward, we have been purposeful in not sharing a lot of the details. What we have here is a lot of disappointment, a lot of people who come to work here every day, thousands of people who say this does not represent us.”
Sudduth says Chevron invites diversity of thought and background and diligently works towards providing a safe and inclusive environment for their staff.

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